Sandy Mallet

I make paintings of people’s land. Aerial views of gardens, farms and estates that are abstract paintings in their own right. These works are a celebration of the ways that land can be enjoyed and understood, as well as being distinctly personal portraits. There are examples here on the site, in ‘Gardens and Land’, that range from small city gardens to large country states. You could commission a special work for yourself – a portrait of your own land.

The process of making one of these works draws on your own particular understanding of the land and your personal relationship to it. A range of ideas can feed into this. Not only colours, structures and plants, but also journeys taken, and areas such as field sports and archaeology. The commissioning process can also involve visits, photography, maps and drones – offering a level of understanding that will give the work a set of personal and deep-rooted qualities.

The aerial view paintings first came about after I moved to west Dorset in 2007, to a farmhouse near the Iron Age hill fort of Eggardon Hill. The works were initially a response to extensive walks recording field systems and ancient earthworks – and to the many possibilities to do with picture making thrown up by working with maps.

I started life in 1961 in Caithness, in the north of Scotland, and have enjoyed working as a gallery director, writer and artist for 30 years. I now live in west London.

All works shown here are in acrylic on canvas or paper. Those without red dots are for sale. Do please get in touch if you would like to talk about a commission, or if you are interested in the paintings.